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Choose your print-on-demand collection from over 4000 product variations

Our catalog includes more than 50 products in various colors and sizes. Each can be be printed with your design and shipped under your name.

Integration of your products into popular shop systems and marketplaces

Connect your Shirtee.Cloud account with popular e-commerce systems such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopware or Prestashop and import your self-designed products into your own online shop. In addition, you can offer your products on various marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy or Rakuten.

Your print-on-demand hub for dropshipping and fulfillment

An order in your linked shop will be automatically transferred to the cloud and sent to us. Within a short time this order will be printed and packaged and shipped in your name .

With our mobile app, you also keep track of things on the go.

Check the status and number of your orders, the status of your wallet and your current support tickets on the go as well.

Available in the iOS App Store

These advantages are offered by the Shirtee.Cloud

No minimum order quantity

All products are printed on-demand. Thus, eliminating any costs for a costly intermediate products and warehousing.

Dropshipping & Branding

We print and ship everything under your brand. With custom branding options such as flyers or labels, you can strengthen your brand.

Free, no monthly fee

The registration, product creation and shop integration is completely free. You only pay when your customer orders.

Designer / Dropshipper Support

Our designer / dropshipper support will advise you on all topics related to connectivity and product creation.

Automatic fulfillment

Orders in your shop will be sent to us immediately, forwarded to production and printed within 2-3 days.

More time for your ideas

We take over warehousing, production and shipping for you . This gives you more time for your unique ideas.

  • As a designer I’m very happy to have a dedicated designer support at Shirtee who helped me with pushing my products to the different marketplaces and connecting my Shopify shop. This was a huge time saver. Thank you Dominik!

    Ines Hahn

  • With Shirtee I was able to build my little T-shirt side business. They take care about the things I do not want to take care of. Through the connection to the different marketplaces I am able to increase my sales by over 200%.

    Jana Richter

  • I tested other on-demand printing services and the print-quality from Shirtee was excellent. That’s exactly what I need for my T-shirt business. Shirtee is a reliable partner when it comes to production and shipping times.

    Patrick Pfeifer


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