What is Shirtee.Cloud warehousing & fulfillment? What service does it provide? It means that if your store also sells products that are not made by Shirtee.Cloud you can also keep the stock at our warehouse and as orders for these items come in, we’ll fulfill them and send them out to your customers under your name and brand.

How do I sign up for it?

You’ll need a Shirtee.Cloud account to use our warehousing & fulfillment service. If you’re already using Shirtee.Cloud you’ll now see a warehouse-tab at your dashboard where you can access the new service.

How does warehousing & fulfillment work?

  1. You will have to email us first about the products, quantity to store at our warehouse
  2. We check the details and send you a confirmation email
  3. You send them to us
  4. As we receive them and we will stock them
  5. When an order comes in, we pack and ship the products to your customers

What will you pay for?

To know more about the services Click here

If you already sell products manufactured elsewhere, take a look at our new service – it might be exactly the thing that you need to make your business even more efficient. If you have any questions or recommendations, hit us up at support@shirteecloud.com and in the comments below and we’ll get back to you.


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