Even in a crisis Shirtee.Cloud has succeeded in making a significant investment that will drive the Cologne-based company’s growth. By leasing 3,100 square meters of production and storage space in the SEGRO CityPark Cologne, the company expects to be able to carry out a major part of its business activities at the new location in the fourth quarter of 2020. For this, 2.5 million euros will be invested in new machines for production and storage.

As part of the expansion, new machines in production will ensure that print on demand items can be delivered even faster and more reliable in the future. In total, ten Kornit printing machines will help to ensure a smooth Christmas business and send a clear signal to the European print-on-demand market. The services of Shirtee.Cloud – Print-On-Demand, Warehousing and Fulfillment – will be further automated using state-of-the-art technology. This ensures that the quality of the products finished in the cathedral city will increase in parallel with the increased production volume.

The new facilities will enable the company to significantly expand its product portfolio and in particular meet the daily increasing demand for warehousing services. The new space will not only be used for increasingly automated production and warehousing processes – new offices will also create space for creativity, modernity and growth for the constantly extending Shirtee.Cloud team. This expansion in all areas of the company allows us to look to the future with confidence.


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