You want to boost your dropshipping business and offer your customers something new? To remain successful in e-commerce, you have to come up with new ideas. You need fresh products that draw attention to your online business. Seasonal products that become popular at certain times of the year are particularly suitable for this.

And by a happy coincidence *wink*, we just come along with our new urban packable jacket at the beginning of autumn. The lightweight between-seasons jacket is wind- and water-repellent and can be easily packed into its integrated kangaroo pocket. In the entry colour black and sizes S-XXL you can place your embroidery designs on the windbreaker. Here are six reasons why you should design your own packable jacket and sell it online.

1. You Sell Streetwear

If you focus on streetwear and urban styles in your online shop, the new packable jacket is just right for you. Although the cool between-seasons jacket was originally launched as a sports article in the 90s, it later found its way into the hip-hop scene. The windbreaker has long been part of this culture and can be considered somewhat as a hip-hop uniform.1 Today, world-famous rappers like A$AP Rocky, Chance the Rapper and Tyler, the Creator wear the practical sports jacket quite naturally on stage and in their music videos.

No wonder that packable jackets have now gained a solid position in streetwear. Fashion-conscious teenagers and young adults can be seen more often in cities with the practical and stylish jackets. If you want to address this target group with your print-on-demand products, go ahead and design your own urban packable jacket.

2. You Make Fashion

Packable jackets are not just popular in the streets and hip-hop culture. The practical, comfortable and light jacket is also worn in high fashion. For a few years now, famous brands like Balenciaga, Vetements and Supreme have been using windbreakers as a fashion piece and meet the current zeitgeist. They even take place on the catwalks of the fashion world – although a designer windbreaker can cost a trifling 2000 euros and more.

You and your customers will definitely get away cheaper with our urban packable jacket. It can also be easily packed into the integrated kangaroo pocket and carried in your backpack or handbag. So you are always prepared for unstable weather in cooler seasons.

3. You Sell Sportswear

As already mentioned, the windbreaker originally came on the market as a sports article in the 1990s. Because for athletes, fashion is not only about looks, but above all about functionality. And the urban packable jacket offers all of this. It is wind and water resistant and therefore ideal for jogging, cycling and hiking in bad weather. Rain and wind do not only occur in autumn and winter, but from time to time in every season. In order for sportspeople to be able to pursue their passion in any weather, a windbreaker is a must in the wardrobe. And when the weather changes from wet and cold to warm and sunny on the same day, the jacket can be practically packed up and stowed away in the bag. This makes it perfect for outdoor adventures.

The packable jacket can be easily stowed away in your backpack for trips into nature.

4. You Sell on Market Places

If you sell print-on-demand products on popular marketplaces, you want to draw the attention of potential customers to your products. The most popular marketplaces include Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Rakuten. Here you have a huge target group, but also just as much competition. If you want your print-on-demand products to stand out from the crowd, they have to be special. And not only especially well designed and of high quality, but also especially versatile. Launching seasonal products is the perfect way to meet the continuously changing demand.

With the beginning of summer the demand for swimwear increases and when autumn starts, the demand for items such as jackets, jumpers and caps increases. Here’s your chance to boost your sales in the online marketplaces with a cool designed embroidered urban packable jacket.

5. You Want Something Special

Your portfolio of print on demand products is already quite large, but you want to go one step further? At the beginning of your online business, ideas for textiles and designs just burst out of you and you can’t keep up with the creation of new products. But at some point, you have implemented all your initial ideas and equipped your own online shop or marketplace with products. After this exciting starting phase, the ideas for new products often diminish. If you want to offer your customers variety, expand your range with premium products like the urban packable jacket. Of course t-shirts, hoodies and caps in your design are cool. But only the most exciting articles will attract attention. And when you combine appealing design and extraordinary products, the chances are very good that new and existing customers will buy from you.

6. You Have Your Own Brand

You have built your own fashion brand with dropshipping or you sell merchandise for your YouTube or Instagram channel? Whether Influencer or YouTube-Star – an urban packable jacket is the perfect addition to your online shop. Of course you need to have the right target group for this stylish jacket. If you have fashion-conscious or sporty fans, surprise them with a very special product. You have your own logo? Perfect, then place it as an embroidery design on the windbreaker and publish it in your shop. If not, go for a simple design with a high recognition value. This will give your fans the opportunity to support you in their everyday life in town or when playing outdoor sports.

Strengthen Your Brand

Do you want to take the buying experience for your customers to the next level? Then strengthen your brand with branding options from Shirtee.Cloud. With these you can add flyers or stickers in your design to every order for example. That way you and your brand will definitely be remembered!

Get Started!

I hope you have collected some ideas for urban windbreakers through this blog post. Start right away and expand your online shop with a self-designed black between-seasons jacket. You can also sell print-on-demand products on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay with Shirtee.Cloud. Enjoy the advantages of dropshipping and lean back while we take care of production, packaging and shipping.

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