Good reasons to sell on Rakuten

Join a creative marketplace where more than 33 million buyers around the world are looking for unique products.
Suitable for
Small businesses
  • Largest international online marketplace
  • Favorable tariffs and transparent fees
  • Secure transactions
  • An attractive customer loyalty system
Europe, Americas, Asia Pacific
Basic tariff? € 39 / month + € 49 one-time setup fee (not applicable for annual billing) + 9% sales fee
Setup time

How does dropshipping work with the Shirtee Cloud & Rakuten

We have compiled a list that gives you an overview of all the requirements that must be met for a Shirtee Shop to be successfully connected to Rakuten.


Register with Rakuten for

Register with Rakuten.
Registration is free.


Connect your Rakuten account to PayPal
This enables your orders to run smoothly.


Create a Shirtee.Cloud account or log in
Register or log in to your Shirtee.Cloud account to connect it to Rakuten.


Create products
Use our product gerator to create your Print On Demand product collections


Advertise your products
Use social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram & Co to make your products visible to your target group.


Lean back
We prepare your order, pack it and send it directly to your customers under your brand.

What Rakuten should be considered

  • You will receive 50% of the basic fee from the first contract term of the recommended online retailer if he successfully registers with us.
  • You can expect at least 140.00 euros for a successful recommendation. The amount will be automatically transferred to your account after approximately 6 weeks.

Start your t-shirt dropshipping business with Rakuten and Shirtee.Cloud

Why print on demand with Shirtee.Cloud

No upfront costs

Start completely free, waive storage costs, monthly fees or expensive equipment.

White Label

Create product labels, add leaflets and ship everything under your brand.

Shirtee Cloud App

With the Shirtee Cloud app you can always check the status of all your orders.

Fast production

Incoming orders are automatically transferred and produced within 2-5 days.

Automatic order transfer

Our integration automates everything from order import to shipping to tax calculation.

Latest printing presses

For the best printing results, we always invest in new machines and the latest printing technology.

Apply for Rakuten integration

Please fill out this form to request a Rakuten integration.

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