Good reasons for Shopify

Shopify’s fast and intuitive setup, the user friendly
Surface and the integrated hosting solutions make it
perfect e-commerce platform for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Suitable for


  • No installation necessary
  • Shop ready to start in a few minutes
  • Professional looking templates
  • Sell directly to Instagram
  • Shopify Cloud System
  • terminable at any time
From $ 29 / month +% of sales
Setup time
Very fast



How does Dropshipping work with Shirtee Cloud & Shopify?

With our print-on-demand dropshipping solution, you outsource the production and shipping of your items so you can focus on marketing and growing your business.


Create your products
Use our product generator and create 4000 variations of your print-on-demand collections.


Connect with Shopify

Download the Shirtee App for free in Shopify App Store and log in with your Shirtee.Cloud credentials.


Product Import
Start the import of your products from the cloud into your Shopify Shop via the app.


Apply your products
Use social media channels like Facebook, Instagram & Co to make your products visible to your target audience.


Incoming orders
Orders are automatically forwarded to us and processed.


Lean back
We prepare your order, pack it and ship it directly to your customers under your brand.

Why print on demand with Shirtee.Cloud

No upfront costs

Start completely free, waive storage costs, monthly fees or expensive equipment

White Label

Create product labels, add leaflets and ship everything under your brand

Dropshipping Support

Rest assured, our designer and dropshipper support is always at your side

Fast production

Incoming orders will be automatically transferred and produced within 2-5 days

Automatic order transfer

Our integration automates everything from order import to shipping up to the tax calculation.

Latest printing presses

For the best printing result We always invest in new machines and the latest printing technology

Start your T-Shirt Dropshipping Business now with Shopify and Shirtee.Cloud

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