Dropshipping via CSV Import.
How does it work?

Our CSV order import allows you to forward orders from your store to our production, even if your store is not connected to our system via one of our automated interfaces. You only need to send us a CSV table with the data that our system normally receives from the connected store systems automatically. Data such as article ID (SKU), Shipping address, print file or even the preview image are listed individually in the table and transmitted to our production during import.

How can I use the CSV import?

To use the CSV order import, simply log in to the Shirtee.Cloud and contact us in the menu Support via the form “General Inquiries” – or simply write us a message via the chat. We will then activate this function for you. To give you further guidance on how to use this feature, we have created a post in our Help Center here.

Here is a list of the data you need for the CSV import:

  • Your order number from your store
  • Item number of our product
  • Link of the print file (front / back)
  • Shipping address
  • Link of the preview image (front / back)

We have prepared a sample file for you here:
Download example CSV

You can also find a list of the item number of all products and colors:
Products and Colors

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