Overview of our print and embroidery products

Design and sell self-designed products under your brand.

Sell your own custom designed t-shirts online with no minimum order quantity. Create your print-on-demand shirts and sell them online via dropshipping to customers worldwide. One of the big advantages of dropshipping is that you do not have to worry about the production and shipping of your print on demand items. Shirtee.Cloud takes care of the fulfilment for you – you can fully focus on your designs and on building your brand. Sell your products in your own online shop with a shop system like Shopify and WooCommerce or on a marketplace like Amazon, eBay and Etsy. Do you want us to pack and ship other products in addition to your print and embroidery products (like t-shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, jacket, etc.)? Then benefit from our warehousing services and store your products with us. This saves you storage costs and the stress of packing and shipping products yourself. You can also embroider a wide range of items to make your t shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies even more superior.


In the production of our print-on-demand textiles we particularly pay attention to sustainability. Our partner for Premium Organic products is Stanley/Stella, a Belgian manufacturer who produces high-quality textiles from organic cotton under fair working conditions. Stanley/Stella is a member of the FairWear Foundation. All Premium Organic products are OEKO-Tex and PETA certified, produced without genetic engineering and are 100% vegan. For printing your print on demand T-shirts, hoodies and tank tops and other pod products we only use neo-pigment ink from Kornit. It is absolutely free of any heavy metals, formaldehydes and alkylphenol ethoxylates (APE). Therefore it is safe for humans and nature. Furthermore, the ink is water-based and thus biodegradable. If you want to sell your self-created print and embroidery on demand articles online via dropshipping and at the same time protect the environment, Shirtee.Cloud is the right solution for you.

Home & Living

We also offer a wide range of products in the Home & Living section, which you can design and sell in your online shop (e.g. via Squarespace or Shopware) or on a marketplace (such as Amazon or Rakuten). Design your own mug, smartphone cover, doormat or cooking apron with Shirtee.Cloud. We will then print or embroider, pack and ship the print-on-demand products via dropshipping. We take care of the fulfilment and also offer you the possibility to store your own products in our warehouse via our warehousing feature. Start your online shop with Shirtee.Cloud and create your own personal assortment from products like mugs, mats or canvas.


With Shirtee.Cloud you can not only design textiles like a t-shirt for men and women, a hoodie or a cap yourself and have them printed or embroidered by us, but also design numerous accessories yourself. Our drop shipping product portfolio for print on demand accessories currently includes hats, caps, bags, smartphone covers, socks, stickers and face masks. You can offer your customers a lot of different products and design the print-on-demand items that fit a specific target group. If someone orders in your online store (running on Shopify or WooCommerce for example) or on an external marketplace (such as Amazon, eBay or Rakuten), we take care of the entire fulfilment for you.

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