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How to set up the shipping
in your shop

Get to know our
shipping costs
Below you will find our shipping costs. They depend on the delivery location. We use flat rate shipping prices and to ensure this we choose the most cost efficient shipping method. book and merchandise shipments are possible, tracking not always guaranteed.
Set the shipping costs
individually for you
You yourself determine the prices for shipping your products. We only charge you the prices listed below per order. If you set higher shipping costs, this is your profit.
Set up shipping in
your store
The shipping setup is different for each platform. We have linked the instructions of the individual shops below for you.

Our shipping costs

Here is an overview of our shipping prices
Country Price (excl. VAT)
Germany 4,16 €
Austria 5,00 €
Switzerland 6,64 €
Belgium 5,80 €
Netherlands 5,80 €
Slovenia 5,80 €
Ireland 5,80 €
Portugal 5,80 €
Country Price (excl. VAT)
Luxembourg 5,80 €
Poland 5,00 €
Denmark 5,80 €
Czech. Rep. 5,80 €
Finland 5,80 €
Spain 5,80 €
Bulgaria 5,80 €
Hungary 5,80 €
Country Price (excl. VAT)
France 4,16 €
Italy 5,00 €
Sweden 5,80 €
UK 5,80 €
Slovakia 5,50 €
Lithuania 5,80 €
Romania 5,80 €
United States 9,90 €

How do I set up shipping
in my shop

We have prepared a few links for you on how to set up the shipping costs in your shop or marketplace.

Frequently asked questions

For orders to other EU countries, in addition to the shipping costs, customs duties may be charged to your customers. These are different from country to country and vary depending on Value of goods. It is best to obtain information on the different conditions from customs.
The shipping costs of an order depend only on the country of delivery. Neither size nor weight influence the costs incurred by us.
You can determine the shipping costs for your orders yourself. To avoid a loss of profit for you, it makes sense to set the costs for shipping in your shop higher.
We work closely with our shipping service providers DHL, DPD, Deutsche Post, GLS and UPS. Which service provider we choose depends on the respective delivery location.
To determine the arrival time of your shipments, the respective production time is added to the shipping time. This depends on the country of delivery. You can find the average shipping times for the different countries in our cottage above.

Our shipping service providers

We ship several thousand products every day. To ensure that all orders reach your customers as quickly as possible, we work closely with these shipping companies.

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