How do I use the wallet and what are the benefits?

The big advantage of the Wallet is that not every order has to be paid manually. Once charged, your balance will be fully automatically settled with your outstanding bills. This ensures a quick and smooth processing of your orders.

In order to use your wallet you first have to deposit money to it. You can easily do this in the Shirtee Cloud dashboard via PayPal, bank transfer or credit card. Optionally you can set your wallet to be automatically recharged as soon as your deposit is used up.

What happens if my wallet is in the red?

If your wallet is accidentally in the red – don’t panic. We will continue to fulfill your orders to a certain point and the outstanding invoices will be charged automatically when the wallet is recharged.

Should it be in the red for longer we will temporarily stop fulfilling your orders until you add money to your wallet again.

How do I keep the overview?

You see an overview of your payment history in your dashboard under „Billing“. You’ll see the amount that’s deposited to your Shirtee.Cloud wallet from your billing method, and you’ll see the amount that we withdraw for fulfillment.

If you want to import your payment history into other programs such as Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers, you have the option to export it as a CSV or PDF file.

The Wallet features

Manual charging

Add money to the wallet via the most common payment methods such as Paypal, credit card, online banking or bank transfer.

Automatic charging

Optionally, enable automatic charging via PayPal.

File export

Export your monthly transaction history for further processing as a PDF or CSV file.

Monthly overview

Get a detailed overview of all transactions via the Shirtee.Cloud dashboard at any time

The most common questions

Can I cancel my wallet?

Absolutely. If you decide to stop your dropshipping business, we will pay you back the remaining amount on your wallet.

Do I also receive bills for my Wallet deposits and debits?

Yes. In your order overview, you can download the invoice for each transaction as a PDF and view a detailed transaction overview. You can download your monthly transactions as PDF and CSV and receive a monthly report.

Can I use the wallet for multiple systems ? (eg Shopify and Amazon)

Your wallet works for all shop system and marketplace connections you’ve linked through the Shirtee.Cloud.

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