This is how Shirtee Print-On-Demand & Dropshipping works


Create products with your designs in the cloud and sync with your store.


The orders of your customers in your shop will be transferred to our production.


Within 2-3 days, we will produce and ship your products under your brand.

Who is Print-on-Demand suitable for?

If you’re wondering if print-on-demand dropshipping is the right business model for you, here are some examples, If any of them apply to you, we are the right partner for you

YouTubers, influencers, bands

If you want to sell your own merchandise products with your logo, designs or artworks.

Online retailer, designer

E-Commerce & Fashion
If you run your own online shop and you want to sell your own fashion collections with your brand.

Companies or clubs

If you need your own clothes and accessories for events such as trade shows, sports events or special occasions.

What makes print-on-demand so special at Shirtee?

Craft in the best quality

In order to bring your designs and ideas cost-effective, durable and high-quality on the respective material, a partner with appropriate expertise is essential. Our team has decades of textile printing experience, which allows us to offer you the best print quality on the market.

Individual branding

Give your products the finishing touch. Use our white label products and label them with your brand logo – eg as neckprint or label. In addition, you can add flyers or stickers to your programs.

Sustainability & Quality

With our premium organic products from Stanley / Stella we rely on high quality and sustainable production. The textiles are made of GOTS certified organic cotton,
Lyocell / Tencel® or recycled polyester.

E-commerce integrations

Our print-on-demand solution integrates with the most popular e-commerce systems and connects to the world’s largest online marketplaces. This gives you the freedom of choosing which shop system you want to sell your product with, and you have more sales channels available with the online marketplaces.

Warehousing & fulfillment

With our Warehousing & Fulfillment Service, we can also take over the storage and shipping of other e-commerce products that you offer in your online store. It is also possible to pre-produce parts of your collection and store them with us so that they can be shipped the same day in case of an order.


You also want to offer textiles with embroidered motifs? We have a whole collection of individually embroidered products. All are produced on-demand and shipped as our print products by dropshipping on your behalf.

Latest machines

As an official Kornit partner, we rely not only on our experienced team but also on state-of-the-art machinery. Our claim is to be one of the best. For this, we are constantly investing in the latest generation of machines and the latest technologies in the field of digital direct printing.

What does print-on-demand mean?

In our print-on-demand production, the products are only printed when the customer
orders / pays them. The big hurdles to pre-produce and store a large amount of products with a lot of investment practically disappear and it has the positive side effect of generating much less waste.

The benefits of Print On Demand.

No initial costs. Since you do not have the product in stock, you do not pay until it's sold (after you 've been paid for it).

Products are in stock.

No need for storage space or inventory.

Scalability. Test products and add new ones quickly and without risk.

Easy access to international markets.

What does dropshipping mean?

Dropshipping is the process of passing on customer orders to a supplier partner who then ships the order to the customer on your behalf. It ‘s a great way for traders to sell goods without paying the expense of running a physical warehouse.

The benefits of a
dropshipping business.

No need for storage space or inventory.

The possibility for individual branding on packaging and garments.

Scalability. Test products and add new ones quickly and with no monetary risk.

Full integration in your own webshop.

In addition to your print-on-demand products, you can also sell other complementary products.








Foot mats

Phone cases

Choose your print-on-demand collection from over 4000 product variations

Our catalog includes more than 50 products in many colors and sizes. Each can be printed with your design and shipped under your name.

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