Good reasons to use the Shirtee Returns Management

Particularly in the e-commerce trade in fashion, one can assume that every second package will be sent back. This means that every second package we ship for you goes back to your address.

This means accepting, unpacking, checking and storing packages for you. This costs a lot of time and, according to the portal, costs of up to 17.70 per return are incurred.

Use this time better and let us take over your returns management,

Goods receipt and inspection

Receipt, testing and evaluation of returns according to standard criteria

Short processing times

Through our optimized processes, we process incoming returns in the shortest possible time

Storage of returns

Returns that have no defects will be checked back into our warehouse and stored for resale.

Returns overview

Through your Shirtee.Cloud Dashboard you can always check the current status of your returns and stored products.

Shipping of stored products

If one of your customers orders one of your products, which is returned to our warehouse, we package and ship the stored product instead of a new one.

The advantages of our returns program

Our returns program offers you various benefits that you would not have with a normal, manual returns system.

So you put the return program in your shop

With our print-on-demand dropshipping solution, you outsource the production and shipping of your items so you can focus on marketing and growing your business.


Sign in to the Shirtee.Cloud dashboard for the returns program.


iFrame form
Embed our returns iFrame on one page in your online shop. From here we take care of the rest.


customer link
In the case of a return send the link of your return page with the iFrame to your customer.


Return ticket
Your customer fills out the form, the return is registered with us and we send your customer a shipping label by e-mail.


Shipping to us
Your customer packs the goods and sends the package to our address.


As soon as the goods arrive, we take care of the goods inspection, storage or new production.

Returns program prices

€10.00/ Month

monthly fee
Once you have registered with our returns program, you can return returns to us at any time.

€1.45/ per order

Allows you to put back returned items
  • quality control
  • warehousing
  • Return Address Labels

€1.45/ per order

Basic price per order
Basic price for processing an order whose products you have stored.

€0.45/ per item

Price per item
Price for storage and packaging.

Example: Your customer orders 2 items from your shop, which you have stored in our returns. Then you pay a total of 2.35 € for processing, storage and packaging ( 1.45 € Grundbreis per Best. + 2 x € 0.45 for the two items).

Give yourself more time for your business

Register now for our returns program, so that you have more time for your business.