Sustainability is more than fashion

We care about the environment. Therefore we make sure to use sustainable materials and use resource-saving processes in the manufacture of our products.

With Shirtee as print-on-demand and drop shipping partner you contribute to minimizing environmental impact.

In addition you also meet the growing demand of environmentally friendly products from your customers. A true win-win-situation

Bio Baumwolle

Less Waste With Print-on-demand

Overproduction not only is a waste of valuable resources, above all it is avoidable. Print-on-demand is much more sustainable in its basic principle in comparison to mass production.

It means:  products are only produced after your customer places an order.

Moreover it saves CO2 by eliminating one shipping route as finished products are shipped directly to your customers.

Certificates and standards

Sustainability begins with selecting the right materials, because these form the basis for an environmentally friendly and at the same time high-quality product. 

Therefore we purchase our eco textiles from the renowned manufacturer Stanley/Stella. Not only do the textiles consist of sustainably cultivated and chemically untreated organic cotton, the manufacturer also attaches great importance to fair working conditions. In addition, the textiles can be printed excellently and are very comfortable to wear.

As a result the high commitment is reflected in numerous certifications. We are proud to be a partner of Stanley/Stella and are happy to pass on the ecological benefits of these high-quality products to you, our customers. 


Green Packing

Our packaging consists of environmentally friendly paper

Organic Cotton

Natural, GMO-free fibre, that uses less water than standard cotton

Eco-friendly Ink

The colours we use are waterbased and non-toxic

Guten drin und Gutes drauf

Cheerful Colours – Eco-Rapid-NeoPigment Ink

It begins with ecological and sustainable textiles and continues with printing. What good is an ecological T-Shirt if you put on toxic colour? Nothing at all!

That’s why we only use neo-pigment ink from Kornit. It is absolutely free of heavy metals, formaldehydes and alkylphenol ethoxylates (APE) and is therefore harmless for humans and nature. In addition, the ink is water-based and as a result also biodegradable. Even in the printing process, our digital printing machines from Kornit cut a good figure as well, as their water consumption is considerably lower than in classical printing processes.

Durable and optimised for recycling

Stanley/Stella focusses on simple designs, to ensure the textiles will never be out of fashion. But for demanding customers, they always offer a lot of different colours matching the trends. 

The textiles are particularly durable due to their quality and even when they are worn-out, they can be recycled. The use of non-toxic, sustainably produced materials further reduces energy consumption in the recycling process. 


Green packaging and shipping

There is too much plastic ending up in the ocean every day, that is why we simply do not use plastic packaging at all in order to act as environmentally conscious as possible. Our shipping packing consist of untreated paper and cardboard, what makes recycling more easily. 

Wrapped up environmentally friendly, the products can be delivered climate-neutral as our shipment partner DHL provides a CO2 compensation with climate protection project. Where possible they even deliver mailings via e-vehicles and e-bikes.

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