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Your creativity and your shop combined with our production and logistics – an unbeatable team. Ignite the boost rocket for your dropshipping business.

Put your design on our products. Choose from over 50 products and 4000 product variations.


Connect your shop to our print-on-demand service using our shop and marketplace integrations.


Build your own brand using our white-label products and our branding service.

Use the advantages of our logistics

Our logistics gives you all the freedom to have your goods shipped quickly & environmentally friendly from us to your customers.

All orders placed in your online-shop are neutrally packaged and shipped to your customers under your brand.


Store products sold in your e-commerce shop at our warehouse and leave fulfillment and shipment to us – of course under your brand.


 We can also take over your returns management on request. All returns will be checked by us and stored for you.

How the Shirtee.Cloud works

You have your own shop and want to sell Print-On-Demand products? Here’s how it works!


Connect your online shop to and import your self-designed products. Your customers can place their orders as usual.


Thanks to the connection orders are automatically forwarded to us. As soon as we receive them, we produce, pack and ship the ordered products.


Your customer will receive the package we have sent out in your name in just a few days. Our name does not appear anywhere, therefore it seems like you have sent it on your own.

Reach your target audience

Choose the most suitable distribution channel to reach your target audience and draw attention to your products.

Your own shop

Sell on-demand products in your own shop! For the most common shop systems we offer links that automatically forward orders to us. As soon as the customer places an order in your shop, we produce the goods and ship them to your customers under your brand.


You want to offer your products on the world’s largest online marketplaces? No problem. With our marketplace integrations to Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Rakuten you can offer and sell your products both nationally and internationally.


You want to sell your products in a traditional way i.e. in your local store or at an event? Buy custom products in bulk and get a discount. Contact us to get your individual offer.

Branding - Label products with your logo and brand.

Put your logo on our white label products to raise brand awareness and reach more customers. Start by creating a unique unboxing experience with branded pack-ins. Make your products truly your own by printing a custom inside label on your shirts. There are many more options to create a truly unique and highly professional brand experience. Check them out and raise your brand awareness.

Warehousing - Store your complete assortment with us.

You can now easily store all products from your Online-Shop at our Warehouse and leave Fullfilment and Shipment to us. All Warehouse orders are fulfilled within a day and as usual shipped under your brand. Check it out!

Dropshippers who already trust Shirtee.Cloud

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Start your Print-On-Demand Drophsipping Business now with Shirtee.Cloud

Shirtee.Cloud at a glance

We have summarized the most important advantages of Shirtee.Cloud for you

About Shirtee.Cloud

We at Shirtee.Cloud are your reliable partner to build and develop your own brand. You have a vision on a fashion brand and can’t wait to get startet?
The first steps can be the hardest, but don’t worry: we got you covered. Take advantage of our well trained team, years of experience in textile printing, an extensive machine park and large storage areas – without spending a fortune before you even started your business. Spend your creativity and motivation instead!
You do the fun part, we take care of fulfillment and shipping your orders to your customers. Rely on us as a secure dropshipping and fulfillment partner for your dropshipping business. 

Outstanding quality and fast delivery

When it comes to textile printing and embroidery we are experts and therefore your ideal fulfillment partner. 15 years of experience, a highly passionated team and a never ending desire to achieve best results are our main values. In order to proceed thousands of high quality textiles per day, we rely on our partner Kornit. In close cooperation we were able to become professionals in the field of digital direct printing. You can see and feel the results in durable, bright colours and high wearing comfort. But we can’t get enough! We are constantly developing our processes to make your customers even more satisfied.

Dropshipping and fulfillment

We ship all your orders on your behalf. We do the whole fulfillment process without having your customer notice our name. Beginning from order entry and production to shipping we take care of everything for you, whether it is a single or bulk order. All orders will be sent neutrally packaged, both national and international

Print on demand

We produce and ship all products on demand. That means order fulfillments are done as soon a customer places an order in your online shop – no up-front investment or minimum number of orders required. Start your dropshipping business at a low risk now.

Warehousing & Fulfillment

Our warehousing and fulfillment service is for you, if you want to sell both and products but want them to be shipped together. Or maybe you have an expanding product line and just don’t want to handle fulfillment and shipment?However, we take care of storage, inventory management and shipping of your product. Via dashboard you can check your stock and shipping status at any time for full control. 


Connecting your own e-commerce shop with our print on demand service is an easy and super fast way to sell your designs. Once connected, all your orders are automatically forwarded to us. Therefore we take care of the entire fulfillment process as soon as they are placed in your shop. In addition it’s possible to integrate the most common shop systems like Shopify, WooCommerce or Shopware or even marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay.

Create a unique brand with personalized labels

Put your logo on our white label products and create your own fashion brand. Choose one of our numerous branding options or combine them with each other. Textile printing leads to various possibilities in order to really stand out of the mass. Printed inside neck labels become more and more popular these days and give you a great chance to boost your brand’s visibility. 
You want to stick out even more? The outside print label is for you then. Your customers become your personal brand ambassadors and take your awareness to the next level. In the field of embroidery there are also various ways to place your brand logo in a high-end-look. How about woven labels on the sleeve, neck or hem? Embroidered labels are hard to miss and therefore a great way to your brand truly your own.

Sustainability – There is no planet B

Sustainability is close to our hearts as we are persistently working to reduce our ecological footprint. We do so in various topics: Our organic line is a favoured offer, that’s why we are constantly expanding the products range here. Our GOTS-certified partner Stanley & Stella not only produces under sustainable and fair conditions, the textiles are also highly suitable for prints.
Furthermore we focus on sustainability in our in-house production processes. For printing we use water-based, pollution-free inks that are certified according to latest standards. Our packaging for shipments consist of environmentally friendly paper and all orders can be shipped via DHL Go Green for a small fee.

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