Printing & embroidery

How big should my print file be or how big are the print areas?

To ensure good print quality, your print file should be at least 2000 × 2000 pixels in size and have a resolution of 300 dpi. The maximum file size is 8MB.
The print size also depends on the selected product and clothing size.

  • Men’s / unisex products: 300 x 450 mm
  • Ladies products: 270 x 400 mm
  • Children’s products: 240 x 360 mm
  • Cups: 62 x 80 mm
  • Bags: 250 x 275 mm
  • Baby Bodysuite: 110 x 115 mm
  • Hoodies front: 300 x 260 mm

Please note: The printing area for a textile in size M is identical to the printing area for a textile in size 5XL.
Thus the impression can appear that the motif is smaller on a 5XL textile than on a textile of size M.

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