Creating your own merchandise products has never been so easy

Create your own merch for free, without having to worry about production or storage

Create your own merchandise collection within minutes

We integrate our print-on-demand dropshipping with the most common ecommerce systems such as Shopify, WooCommerce and many more

Reach your followers worldwide with our international dropshipping

This is how you make a profit

There are no hidden costs or monthly fees. Creating your merch is completely free. You only pay the production and product costs as soon as a customer orders from you. The rest is your profit.

The selling price of your products is entirely up to you.
The higher the selling price, the higher your profit.

Basic T-Shirt

You pay to us:
9,00 €

Your sales price:

Your profit


You pay to us:
18,50 €

Your sales price:

Your profit


You pay to us:
15,95 €

Your sales price:

Your profit

How does it work?


Create products with your designs and brand logo  within the cloud.


Export the products from the cloud to your own online shop.


Advertise and sell your products on social media, we take care of the rest.

We produce your products and ship them all over the world

We combine the best of the world of on-demand print production together with
e-commerce software technology.

We have invested over 5.5 million euros in industry-leading printing technology and software development to produce your products in the best quality available on the market and ship them quickly to your followers.

Good reasons why you should choose Shirtee.Cloud

With our print-on-demand dropshipping solution, you outsource the production and shipping of your items so that you can concentrate entirely on marketing your merch collection.

Your Brand

Create your collection. Use our white label products and add your brand logo to them.

Every order is produced on-demand. No pre-production needed.

Large selection of products

Choose your print-on-demand collection from over 50 products and 4000 variations.

We produce, pack and ship within 2-3 working days.
International Shipping

We send your products to your followers around the world.

Highest quality thanks to high-end machines and well-trained specialists.

You need help designing your merch? We can do that for you too.

Our team of merchandise specialists and graphic designers can help you designing your dream merch. We help you with getting the right idea, choosing the products that best suit your needs and taking care of the design.

We integrate with the most common ecommerce systems marketplaces


One of the most Intuitive and user-friendly ecommerce systems. Give it a try if you have not yet.


With a total of 300 million active accounts the largest online marketplaces worldwide.


The most widespread ecommerce system worldwide and completely free of charge.

Perfectly suited as an additional sales market in addition to Amazon.

Has a large number of premade templates and plugins which you can use.


The best marketplace for creative, handmade products.


Also suitable for beginners who have no programming or website knowledge.


Largest international online marketplace with affordable tariffs and transparent fees.

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