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No minimum order quantity

Automatic Fulfillment

The Shirtee Cloud

Your headquarters for design and sales of print-on-demand products

Design over 50 different print-on-demand products in our cloud and sell them in your shop and on many other platforms online.

We take care of hosting, printing, fulfillment, shipping and everything else. Money your traffic, we do everything else!

The Shirtee.Cloud offers these advantages

No minimum order quantity

All products are printed on-demand. This eliminates any costs for expensive pre-products and storage.

Dropshipping & Branding

We print and ship everything under your brand. With individual branding options such as flyers or labels you can strengthen your brand.

Free of charge, no monthly fee

Registration, product creation and shop integration is completely free of charge. You only pay when your customer orders.

Designer / Dropshipper Support

Our Designer-/ Dropshipper Support advises you on all topics concerning connection and product creation.

Automatic Fulfillment

Orders in your shop are immediately transmitted to us, forwarded to production and printed within 2-3 days.

More time for your ideas

We take over warehousing, production and shipping for you. So you have more time for your unique ideas.

Your tasks


Connect your shop via plugin / API


Create designs

Our tasks


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How does the Shirtee.Cloud work?

Step 1 - Installing

You log in to the cloud and install our plugin in your shop. Our team will support you if you need any help.

Step 2 - Design

You create your designs and place them on our products. You can choose from a range of over 50 products and over 4,000 variations.

Step 3 - Sell

Your website visitors can buy your newly created products on your website. With our plugin you don't have to do anything else.

Step 4 - Lean back

We'll take it from here. We produce and ship the sold products in your name. We also take care of any returns. You can sit back.

What does it cost?

Start with


Nothing. The installation and use of the Shirtee.Cloud is 100% free. No registration fee, no monthly fee and no hidden costs.

As soon as you sell your first products, we settle the production costs. Fair, simple and transparent.

Who is print-on-demand suitable for?

If you are wondering whether print-on-demand dropshipping is the right business model for you, we have listed a few examples below. If one of them is right for you, we are exactly the right partner for you.

YouTuber, Influencer, Bands


If you want to sell your own merchandise products with your logo, designs or artwork.

Online dealer, designer

E-Commerce & Fashion

If you run your own online shop and want to sell your own fashion collections with your brand there.

Associations, companies


If you need your own clothes and accessories for teams, sporting events, events like fairs, or special occasions.

Choose your print-on-demand collection from over 4000 product variations

Our catalogue contains over 50 products in various colours and sizes. Each one can be printed with your design and shipped under your name.

Integration of your products into popular shop systems and marketplaces

Connect your Shirtee.Cloud account with popular e-commerce systems such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopware or Prestashop and import your self-designed products into your own online shop. Additionally you can offer your products on different market places like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy or Rakuten.

Our mobile app lets you keep track of things on the go.

Check the status and number of your orders, the status of your wallet and your current support tickets on the road.

Available on the iOS App Store

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